Matt Galligan of Circa on the Atomization of News [Video]

The Irish Internet Association organised a breakfast gathering on the fringe of Web Summit last month, just across the road in AIB’s Bankcentre. Most of the people there were involved in the tech side of media, and the speaker was Matt Galligan, co-founder and CEO of Circa.


This video is a a good deal longer than we usually feature, but it’s an interesting talk. Matt begins by sharing his thoughts on his experience as a serial entrepreneur and Techstars alumnus before talking about Circa. Circa’s idea is to treat news using some of the tools we use for code. Ideas such as version control and forking can be applied to news stories. Atomization means breaking down stories into discrete points. Once you do this, you can choose how to present the news based on the context for each user.

Matt thinks that Ireland is doing a lot right when it comes to startups and he loves the community here and the way in which connections are made. But he thinks that European investors needs to learn to take more risks, and be prepared to fail more, in order to learn and to reap the rewards.


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