Ryanair First Irish Airline To Allow Electronics On Flights

Ryanair announced a couple of days ago that they had been granted permission by the Irish Aviation Authority to let passengers leave their “personal electronic devices” or PEDs on throughout their flights:

Ryanair, Ireland’s favourite airline, today (6 Feb) confirmed that all Ryanair customers may – with immediate effect – use their PEDs (including tablets, smartphones, e-readers and MP3 players) for the entire duration of their flight, once these devices are switched to ‘flight mode’ and all safety demos/briefings are observed.

So at least on Ryanair you won’t be forced to turn off your iPad or other device during take off and landing – just switch it to “flight mode” and you’ll be “good to go”.

The move follows a change in regulations made by the US’ FAA last year.

The other major Irish carrier Aer Lingus has not made any similar announcement yet, but one can assume that they’ll be following suit.

It’s not clear, to me at least, if each airline has to apply to the IAA for permission to make this change or if it’s up to the airline to change their own policies.

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