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Blacknight SME Awards: SendMyBag.com [Video]

“I’ve run businesses out of school; I’ve never worked for anybody else full-time” explains Adam Ewart, when asked why he loves SMEs. His current venture, SendMyBag.com, is a door-to-door luggage service to help airline travellers avoid check-in, baggage fees and potential penalties. Passed over on UK Dragons’ Den in 2012, the company has since expanded rapidly in international markets and picked up the […]

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Air New Zealand’s Hobbit-Themed Safety Video Holds Passengers’ Attention [Video]

Airline safety briefings can be dull, especially for frequent flyers who have heard it all before. But Air New Zealand would like you to pay attention, and being “The Official Airline of Middle-Earth”, they’ve enlisted the help of director Peter Jackson and some of the stars of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films to […]

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Annoying Plane Passengers With Patrick Stewart [Video]

Sir Patrick Stewart does a fantastic job playing various airline passenger types in this short piece for Jimmy Kimmel Live: [youtube]http://youtu.be/ObgpFydLOcw[/youtube] If you fly often you’ll probably recognise the various annoying airplane passenger types. Being stuck on a long flight beside someone who talks incessantly, or who keeps kicking the back of your seat is […]

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See 5 Airbus A350s Flying In Formation

Seeing planes flying in close formation is always fun, but when they’re Airbus A350s it’s something quite different. This footage was shot in September of this year by Airbus as they were working on getting the planes certified. If you’re into planes you’ll love it, if you’re not it’s still pretty amazing to see. Enjoy!

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Ryanair’s Digital Boarding Pass App gets a Mixed Welcome

They’ve embraced the web and social media and they’re hiring geeks for their “innovation hub” in Swords, complete with giant chess and multi-coloured cubicles (we can’t confirm the existence of beanbags). But the flight path to online success is fraught with turbulence, and the response to Ryanair’s new mobile app, launched yesterday, can be described as mixed. The […]

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Ryanair First Irish Airline To Allow Electronics On Flights

Ryanair announced a couple of days ago that they had been granted permission by the Irish Aviation Authority to let passengers leave their “personal electronic devices” or PEDs on throughout their flights: Ryanair, Ireland’s favourite airline, today (6 Feb) confirmed that all Ryanair customers may – with immediate effect – use their PEDs (including tablets, […]

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Ryanair Recruiting For “Future of Web Travel”

Ryanair are currently on a recruitment drive to fill a number of positions related to their online presence. As the airline is pretty much 100% online it only makes sense that they’d want to invest in staffing the teams that manage their online presence.. So Michael O’ Leary’s face might be following you around LinkedIn […]

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Ryanair want to charge €2.99 for their mobile app

Ryanair Want To Charge For Their Mobile App?

Ryanair have launched a mobile app for iPhone. That in itself isn’t exactly “news”. What is, however, is that the budget airline want to charge users €2.99 to download it! None of the other airlines charge for their mobile apps (why would they??), so what makes Ryanair’s app worth €2.99? Does it have extra functionality? […]

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