Father Ted vs Ulster Bank

Some Ulster Bank Memes

When something breaks  people get upset. When the thing that’s broken is your bank, then people get very angry (understandly). They also get to post some rather amusing memes about the issue.

The recent Ulster bank technical issues is no different.

Here are a couple of the better ones:

From Hairy Baby:

Show me my money

Show me my money

From Twitter user @Enda_story_


From Darren Byrne:

Bob the builder vs Ulster Bank

Bob the builder vs Ulster Bank

Father Ted made an appearance as well (no idea who the original source of this one is):

Father Ted vs Ulster Bank

Father Ted vs Ulster Bank

Update: Ulster Bank Twelve Step Programme via @lecraic

Know of any others? Please share them in the comments


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20 Responses to Some Ulster Bank Memes

  1. JJ WOODS May 6, 2015 at 11:14 am #

    This is the worst Bank next to Anglo Irish, they have the worst customer service imaginable. I spent 1 hour on the phone and spoke to 5 different people and still never got to ask the original question that I had phoned for. Whoever trained these people has not got a clue because each of the five either had a bad usage of the English language or just came across plain robotic and disinterested.


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