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Barry Smyth, CEO, Insight Centre for Data Analytics

We have the Technology, We need Ethics to Match – Prof Barry Smyth, CEO Insight [Video]

Fujitsu brought their 2014 World Tour to the Convention Centre in Dublin last week. Professor Barry Smyth, CEO of the Insight Research Centre for Data Analytics, gave a talk entitled From Small Sensors to Big Data: The data driven business. Our modern mobile devices, explains Barry, are sensor platforms, contributing to the collection of 1 exabyte (=1 million […]

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If Google was a Guy – Part 2

You may have seen the original comedy video which imagined Google as an extremely patient, long suffering man.  Well College Humor have made a sequel, featuring NSA spying, Google Doodles, Google Glass and a guy who wants to buy Dogecoin. It also introduces the Bing guy. He’s not very busy.  

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Google & Bing Block Child Abuse Images

We talk a lot about freedom of speech and net neutrality on technology websites such as this.  Information should be free; search engines should not censor; and people should be allowed to make their own judgements about the kind of content they wish to access.  There are sound reasons for this approach: for human rights, […]

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Facebook “Law” Explained

Over the last few days you’ll probably have seen lots of your friends posting a completely pointless and quite inane update to their Facebook wall to “protect” themselves. The guys over at College Humor have broken this down in their own unique way and explain the multiple issues with both the concept and the language […]

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The Full Reveal [Podcast #46]

This week’s podcast was recorded on Thursday night last as Michele prepared to depart for ICANN in Toronto.  It should have been posted on Friday, but I screwed up! Once again we struggled with hotel WiFi – in fact – we gave up on it and I phoned the hotel room.  And that’s where our […]

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Yahoo! And Bing To Launch Google Adsense Competitor

In the world of “contextual advertising” ie. where ads are displayed based on a web page’s content, Google’s Adsense has dominated the market for the last decade. While there have been several attempts by other companies to compete in the space, none of the offerings to date have managed to hit the “critical mass” to […]

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Technology.IE Podcast #8: Let’s talk about .XXX

Brought to you by Blacknight, it’s The Technology.ie Podcast, Episode 8, with Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Michele Neylon.  Our guest this week is Security Consultant Brian Honan. But first, let’s talk about .XXX.  Michele decides it’s time to have that chat with Conn: everything he’s ever wanted to ask about the newest Top Level Domain but was afraid to ask. […]

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