The Full Reveal [Podcast #46]

This week’s podcast was recorded on Thursday night last as Michele prepared to depart for ICANN in Toronto.  It should have been posted on Friday, but I screwed up!

Once again we struggled with hotel WiFi – in fact – we gave up on it and I phoned the hotel room.  And that’s where our story begins.

The big story under discussion this week was the apparent hijacking of the .ie domains of Google and Yahoo and the subsequent investigation and shutdown of IEDR pages.

In other news: INEX joins Twitter and reveals the changing profile of Irish data usage.  (Could it be the Netflix effect?)  Paddy Power’s new job announcement will bring them to over 3000 employees.  Yahoo! and Bing plan to compete with Adsense.  iPhone 5 faces supply chain delays.  Node.js conference in Dublin.  Oatmeal Helps Buy Tesla Property.  Daft.ie Launch Smart TV App.

Finally: Hop!  The suitcase that follows you.  And last but not least, Wonderbra’s new interactive app transforms advertising.

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