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Sabina Bonnici

Five Social Media Tips from Alfred Hitchcock [Video]

Sabina Bonnici was at CONGregation on Saturday, where simply being a passive participant was not allowed.  All who attended had to “blog their way in”, and Sabina’s contribution was Five Social Media Tips from Alfred Hitchcock!  I had a chat with her during a break at the event. [youtube]http://youtu.be/G8KjOTK0nbY[/youtube] There are 56 submissions by the […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Congregation

Congregation was Fun! [Video]

[youtube]http://youtu.be/Vj-6WabssEA[/youtube] Congregation took place in Cong, Co. Mayo on Saturday and technology.ie was there. Participants came from the worlds of PR, media and technology, and every participant was a speaker. All had “blogged their way in”, and on Saturday they gathered in a series of “huddles” to talk about social media and how to get […]

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