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Introducing .CO.COM

Ken Hansen is CEO of Co.com, a new Second Level Domain Registry with an interesting proposition.  As Ken explains it, there are many businesses which missed out on the first wave of .com domains, yet still wish to have a memorable domain name in the .com namespace.  Co.com is one way to do that. Ken […]

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A Question of Trust [Audio]

Michele joins Conn for a quick podcast this week (25:12, 15MB, MP3). He’s upset: he explains why ICANN’s disregard for EU law is discriminating against EU registrars. We talk about about The Day We Fight Back: a new global campaign against online surveillance which kicks off on Tuesday. And we look back on a week […]

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Celebrities Promote The Hour of Code

“Everybody in this country should learn how to programme a computer”, says Steve Jobs in this video from Code.org, a US non-profit “devoted to the vision that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn how to code”.  It’s a clip from a 90s TV interview with a younger Jobs, but most […]

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Alex says Welcome to Europe Code Week

It’s Europe Code Week, and Alex shows us around the Citywise Coding Club in Dublin.  This is really watchable and well-made by Galway Education Centre and gives a great insight into what goes on at coding clubs and Coder Dojos around the country.  And Alex is a great presenter and interviewer.  Well done! EU Code […]

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Internet usage by time of day (animated gif)

Internet Usage By Time of Day

Visualising internet traffic and usage is fascinating. This graphic (via) shows internet usage by time of day and confirms that usage is higher during office hours (doh!) While the usage patterns are interesting, what’s potentially even more interesting are the areas of the globe with little or no usage. You can dive into Irish and […]

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Interactions online with government

Visualise Irish & European IT Metrics Easily

Everyone loves being able to visualise data and infographics have become very popular in the last couple of years. However being able to generate attractive graphs and graphics requires both skill and access to data. The EU’s Digital Agenda for Europe site removes some of the pain You can quickly and easily generate a range […]

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Cloud Computing Legal Conference In UCC

UCC’s Faculty of Law is holding a half-day conference on “regulation” of cloud computing. The event will be held on Friday November 16th 2012 from 2pm to 5.15pm On the agenda: What legal issues need to be considered by businesses in contracting for the provision or use of cloud computing services? •        Can an appropriate […]

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