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Cartier Winter Tale

Luxury brand Cartier released this animated advert a few weeks ago. It’s impressive: The brand had released “teasers” via their Instagram account in the run up to the ad’s debut, though as one industry commentator noted, their account isn’t that active

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Enda’s Slick YouTube Video

MerrionStreet.ie, the Irish Government’s news service, has just released a slick and funky video of a day in the life of the Taoiseach.  What gives it a further technology ‘edge’ is the fact that they picked 30 October, which included Enda’s visit to day one of the Web Summit, where he rang the NASDAQ opening […]

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Twitter Images Preview Inline

Users of Twitter on the Web and its mobile clients, discovered yesterday that previews of media shared with Twitter and Vine are showing up inline as you scroll through your stream. This only works with Twitter’s own media sharing tools, not, for example, with Instagram. Twitter hopes it will make the experience more engaging – […]

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Geodiscovery with Tapastreet

Tapastreet is a brand new startup.  Fresh from the Facebook hackathon on Wednesday, they came to TBEX knowing that travel bloggers would be excited to see their product. The thing about social media is that it wants to be discovered.  We tag our content – hashtags, user tags, pingbacks – because we want to make […]

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Photobomb With Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is an internet sensation and now you can bring her to your mobile device with GrumpyBomb. The app, which is 100% free, lets you easily add Grumpy Cat to your existing iPhone photos, or take a new one and add her and an appropriate caption.   The icons are cartoonish and playful and […]

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Squishy Using HashTags

Facebook finally gets #hashtags

Well Facebook was a bit of a flutter yesterday,  at least in my stream, with people wondering why there were so many hash tags around. I assumed people were cross-posting from twitter to facebook, but no it’s not that. Facebook have gone the way of Twitter and Instagram and quite possibly numerous other services and […]

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Instagram Reminds Users of Terms of Service Change

Remember the Instagram debacle? While the company may have listened to users’ outrage (and there was a lot of that.. ) they’ve still made changes to their terms of service, although the changes are much less drastic than the originally planned ones. In an email sent to users of the service today the company underlines […]

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State of social media 2012 month by month

Social Media In 2012

2012 was an interesting year with Instagram being acquired by Facebook, Psy exploding on the music / video scene (and all the parodies that followed), Facebook had their IPO and so much more. Here’s a nice graphic from The SEO Company that sums it up month by month So does anyone have any predictions for […]

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