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Apocalypse Crackers! [Podcast #52]

Brought to you by Blacknight it’s the technology.ie podcast, episode 52 for December 20th 2012, with Michele Neylon and Conn Ó Muíneacháin. We were on a break – and now we’re back – just in time for the  apocalypse 🙂 Michele has an iPad Mini and he’s seenThe Hobbit at High Frame Rate IMAX 3D = amazing 🙂 WCIT – […]

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Natural Disaster? Silly Photos To The Rescue

With hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc along the eastern seaboard of the United States both traditional and social media has been swamped with coverage of the situation in New York and other cities. While nobody is making “light” of the seriousness of the situation it’s 2012, so, naturally, there’s been a LOT of funny and fake […]

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Dot-Bubble [Podcast #24]

Instagram is worth €1bn?  What?!  In a rare moment of unity, both Conn and Michele are in agreement.  Watch out!  It’s a big fat tech bubble and it’s gonna blow! Google Plus gets a new look!  Social Media Awards longlists are out – and they’re long! Check out Memolane.  It builds a timeline of your aggregated […]

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What Are This Week’s Hottest Stories In Technology?

Even though this week is “shorter”, as Monday was a holiday in many countries (including Ireland) it’s been a very busy week in technology news circles. The announced acquisition of Instagram by Facebook is probably the biggest story this week, but what other stories are people talking about? We’ll be recording this week’s podcast tomorrow […]

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