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Video thumbnail for youtube video Let It Go (Frozen) In 25 Languages

Let It Go (Frozen) In 25 Languages

Disney films are popular in the four corners of the globe, so they get dubbed into a lot of different languages. And with the animated films the songs are, in many cases, an extension of the spoken dialogue, so they get dubbed too. Here’s “Let It Go” from the Disney hit “Frozen” in 25 languages […]

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Video: Disney Turning Plants Into Interactive Interfaces

No, this isn’t science fiction or fantasy. Disney is experimenting with using  plants as interfaces to computers. The concept may sound a little different, so here’s a couple of videos to demonstrate the technology in action. [youtube]http://youtu.be/_uTJiEYI1ik[/youtube] From the description: The visitors communicate with living and artificial plants by reaching to and touching them and […]

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