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Show Dublin Youth Theatre Some Crowdfunding Love!

Dublin Youth Theatre is running a Fundit campaign to support its 38th annual ‘Big Show’. Founded in 1977, DYT is a voluntary organisation which “delivers quality creative experiences that promote artistic, personal and social development for young people aged 14 to 22 in Dublin”. It provides regular workshops for beginners and current members, theatre visits, residential weekends, festivals, […]

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Donal O'Kelly performs 'Catalpa'

Catalpa’s Captivating Theatre Performance brings History to Life [Video]

Donal O’Kelly’s one-man play Catalpa is an amazing theatre experience. In the first place, the true story on which it’s based is fascinating. In 1876, members of the IRB based in the United States bought a whaling ship and sailed to Australia to rescue Fenian prisoners from a prison colony. Secondly, Donal O’Kelly’s inspired play is “a classic […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Entire British Pathé Archive of 85,000 films is now on YouTube

Entire British Pathé Archive of 85,000 films is now on YouTube

The British Pathé Archive, an extraordinary visual record of the 20th century, is now available in its entirety on YouTube.  Spanning the period 1896 to 1976, the collection totals 85,000 films which were produced as short news programmes to be shown in cinemas. The collection includes coverage of major historical events, as well as sport, fashion, culture, travel and […]

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Video: Disney Turning Plants Into Interactive Interfaces

No, this isn’t science fiction or fantasy. Disney is experimenting with using  plants as interfaces to computers. The concept may sound a little different, so here’s a couple of videos to demonstrate the technology in action. [youtube]http://youtu.be/_uTJiEYI1ik[/youtube] From the description: The visitors communicate with living and artificial plants by reaching to and touching them and […]

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