Donal O'Kelly performs 'Catalpa'

Catalpa’s Captivating Theatre Performance brings History to Life [Video]

Donal O'Kelly performs 'Catalpa'

Donal O’Kelly’s one-man play Catalpa is an amazing theatre experience.

In the first place, the true story on which it’s based is fascinating. In 1876, members of the IRB based in the United States bought a whaling ship and sailed to Australia to rescue Fenian prisoners from a prison colony.

Secondly, Donal O’Kelly’s inspired play is “a classic of modern Irish theatre”. Performed by its author, it uses, music, dance, humour and the art of the storyteller to retell the adventure, framed as a pitch to modern-day Hollywood producers.

I’ve seen it on stage once before – and this YouTube excerpt, enhanced with animation, gave me a shiver as I recalled it!



If you’ve never seen Catalpa, now’s your chance! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the play, the Catalpa Springtide Tour is underway – coming soon to a theatre near you!

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