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Video thumbnail for youtube video Are We Living In The Moment?

Are We Living In The Moment?

This video has been doing the rounds for the last few months and has, so far, clocked up over 36 million views on Youtube. It’s a short, but very powerful reflection on how mobile phones can interrupt our experience of daily life. Some food for thought? The video is directed by Miles Crawford  

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Reserve Your Profile URL on Vine

Vine is now offering users the option to reserve their profile URL. So you’ll soon be able to direct people to a simple web address such as http://vine.co/username instead of the current quite random looking one. It’s not 100% clear when the web profiles will go live, but if you are a Vine user, or […]

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Streaming the Plough [Video]

If you weren’t at the Ploughing Championships, you might have caught the live stream, running on AerTV, on the Irish Independent website and on Agriland.ie. Naturally, technology.ie was more interested the the technicalities of the operation than in the content itself!  Content Director for The MediaPool, Kevin MacDermott, was only too happy to give us […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Trolls The Internet

American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has revealed that he was behind a YouTube video that went viral and that the entire thing was a setup. The “twerking” video, which has been viewed over 9 million times, was released on YouTube without any press releases or any other type of promotion. Here’s the original video: […]

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Complex Video For Holiday Greeting

This video took 13 people over 900 hours to put together. Its purpose? To provide a holiday greeting.. While it looks fantastic you’d have to wonder about the investment in time, wouldn’t you? 🙂 [youtube]http://youtu.be/TXfTrZ7n00Q[/youtube] You can read about the video production here.

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