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Computer Animation Meets Dance [Video]

Mongolian dancer and computer graphics artist Canion Shijirbat has managed to combine his two passions. His performance at the semi-final of Mongolia’s Got Talent is fantastic. See it below:   The performance has garnered quite a bit of attention from international media over the last few days . As for the judges at Mongolia’s Got Talent […]

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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching [Video]

I love this. The dancing is wonderful, but what’s really funny is the nervous passengers trying not to look. This must be what air travel does to us. [youtube]http://youtu.be/S32bgx36G-0[/youtube]   The dancer is a talented actress named Angela Trimbur: check out her YouTube channel. Here, have another one! [youtube]http://youtu.be/eVVXtknZVf0[/youtube]   Related articles Strangers on a Plane Air travel is […]

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Riverdance: Where Were You?

I remember being tired and cross. My wife (then fiancée) and I had just arrived home after a journey. We had been listening to the Eurovision in the car and I was already wound up by Gerry Ryan’s bad French. We may have had an argument. I remember going out to the shop in a bit of a huff as […]

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