Undiscovery [Podcast #51]

Brought to you by Blacknight it’s the technology.ie podcast, episode 51 for November 22nd 2012, with Michele Neylon and Conn Ó Muíneacháin.

Michele’s back from his European odyssey, to Belgrade and back via Brussels and Paris!  Irish Rail report over 1 million sessions on their WiFi service.  ParkYa launch private beta.

The ultimate lazy bedVirtual tape measure might help with online sales of clothes.  Instagram launch badges for business and brands.  Apple to launch new version of iTunes – more visual for retina displays.

Oatmeal in yet another legal battle.  Murder Suspect McAfee Blogs While on the Run From Police.  UK man wins case against employers over Facebook post.

Internet to contribute €6 billion to Irish economy, says report.  Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore.  Top 25 passwords of 2012 revealed (you don’t want yours on this list!)  IRISSCERT warns Irish businesses on key cybercrime threats.

Australian scientists un-discover Pacific island!

Who you gonna call?!

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