CurrencyFair’s Brian Monaghan on Hacking Growth [Video]

Brian Monaghan is Head of Online at CurrencyFair, having joined the company from Paddy Power last year. He was one of the speakers at the last Growth Hackers event in Dublin, and afterwards he spoke to

CurrencyFair is an online currency exchange marketplace and money transfer company, currently transferring €100m a month. Typical savings, they say, are 90% compared to using your bank to send money internationally.

“Personal recommendations go along way in FinTech” says Brian, describing the company’s initial word-of-mouth promotion in their bootstrapping days, which saw them grow exponentially. But now that they are scaling rapidly, going from 7 to 50 employees in the past 18 months, they are “turning on loads of different marketing channels”, including display advertising and TV. Online, Facebook, is “a network that has worked really well for us”, he says.

Growth Hackers Dublin is hacking its own growth, it appears! The next event on November 3 will be an all-day workshop event, promising participants that they can “walk in the door with an empty belly and walk out with a three month growth hacking strategy you can execute in your business the next morning”. Blacknight have come on board as a headline sponsor and participants can choose to attend the full day event or just the evening-only meetup. is brought to you by Blacknight, now offering names in hundreds of new generic Top Level Domains and a range of quality hosting options.


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