Hand Waving and Bluster [Podcast #23]

Conn's first computer: Sharp MZ-700.  There might have been 5 of them sold in Ireland? ;)

A Sharp MZ-700 8-bit microcomputer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently the victim of a burglary, Michele puts a brave face on things as he Skypes Conn this week from an aged laptop.  We discuss April Fool tech gags, including Google Maps with 8-bit graphics and get nostalgic for simpler times.  Nowadays we’ve got hundreds of times more computing power in our pockets.  What would you do with 64KB  of RAM nowadays anyway – or even 640KB! 😉

Why your Company Sucks at Social Media (hint: you hired a ‘guru’!)  Jeff Bezos is scavenging space history.  James Cameron explores the deep.  And Dropbox increases the incentives to refer your friends. Did you miss the recent debate on the Copyright Review with Minister Seán Sherlock?  Get it here!  Also, the new ‘Center for Copyright Information’ in the US appears surprisingly balanced!

Facebook’s ‘Timeline’ is now the default appearance both for personal profiles and for pages.  James Larkin explains how to get the best out of it.  Michele is charmed by the simplicity of photo sharing service and he has a cautionary reminder about claiming your username on Pinterest.

Finally, check out St Patrick’s Day in the software capital of Siberia! is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.  Check out their Easter Offer, with a discount on .eu domains and 25% off shared hosting!

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