Pinky Brand

New TLDs, Plants And Playing Cards [Podcast #40]

Pinky Brand

Pinky Brand

This week Conn wasn’t able to do the show, so it’s my first solo gig. Thankfully I was joined on the show by a very gracious and understanding special guest – Pinky Brand.

Sorry if the audio quality isn’t up to standard – I usually leave the audio stuff to Conn!

Pinky has been working in the internet domain industry since its very infancy and has over 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketer and advocate. He’s currently working with a new TLD consultancy, DomainDiction, where they’re working on assisting new TLD applicants to maximise their domain’s potential.

We talked about several of the tech stories of the week, including a couple of quirky ones that we’d come across.

Disney’s experiments with plants caught our eye, but what are they going to do with the technology?

Facebook keeps on expanding its reach and now wants you to tell everyone if you’re expecting a baby, have lost weight or taken up a new hobby. What’s their end game? And speaking of Facebook, being able to personalise playing cards with your friends’ photos struck us as a bit odd.

Google’s new policies on copyright infringement don’t surprise anyone, but could they be abused?

Pinky and I also discussed the potential for companies with new TLDs, while also exploring some of the issues people might have getting to grips with so many domain extensions in the near future. is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.  Currently giving away .CO (and .ME) domains!

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