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The New Apple iPhone 5s Introduces Touch ID

Apple has been holding an event this evening where they’ve announced several new products including the Apple iPhone 5s. Here’s what it will look like: So what’s under the hood? The new iPhone 5s features an A7 chip and brings 64 bit to the mobile. The biggest new feature leverages biometrics which Apple is calling […]

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Dropbox Acquires Mailbox

Dropbox has announced the acquisition of Mailbox. Mailbox view the acquisition as being a way for them to grow faster. Mailbox launched recently and has garnered a lot of media attention, so being “snapped up” so quickly is interesting. You might have expected someone else to get them, as Damien Mulley commented: Woah Dropbox buys […]

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Apple Boss Apologises For IOS6 Maps

Apple are one of those companies that made its name by telling us what we wanted. Not the other way around. With the release of iOS6 Apple removed the Google Maps application and replaced it with their own solution. Unfortunately, as thousands of iPhone users found out, the new Apple solution caused more problems than […]

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Child Safe Browser For iPad Launched

MetaCert have launched their new child safe browser for iPad – Olly. The browser leverages MetaCert‘s index of adult and other non-child safe content. Once installed you can easily tweak the browser’s settings to either block or allow various social networks and different types of content: You can also choose which specific sites you want […]

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