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Slick Slim USB Cable

Most of us have smartphones these days, be that an iPhone or an Android. But if you use your phone for data heavy applications its battery will get drained quite quickly. This product doesn’t solve this, nor does it extend the battery life of your phone, but what it does do is give you a […]

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Hailo Expands Service to Galway

Hailo has launched its service in Galway, though their website still hasn’t been updated to reflect the new service area. The mobile app is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. To celebrate their Galway launch they’re running a promotion to give users a €10 credit off their first fare. Full details here. Related articles […]

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The Obligatory iPad Mini Launch Post

If we didn’t post something about the launch of the new Apple iPad Mini you might wonder what we were up to .. So here it is.. First off, let’s look at it. Since we obviously don’t have an actual iPad Mini here’s a nice photo of one provided by Apple: Now we could try […]

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