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Milky way and big antenna dish at Very Large Array New Mexico USA. Powerful telescope for astronomy searching

Rare Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus Tonight

August has been a spectacular month for astronomy, with a livelier than usual Perseids meteor shower, and five planets visible in the evening sky. Early tonight, one of the most impressive and rare sights will be visible just after sunset, as Venus and Jupiter will appear to almost touch, as space.com reports. Of course in reality the two […]

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Méadhbh Ní Mhuíneachain, a pupil at Ballynacally NS in County Clare, views the solar eclipse using a pinhole camera

West is Best as Irish Eclipse Viewing is Marred by Cloudy Skies

Eclipse 2015 provided some tantalising glimpses through the clouds, but for most people in Ireland it was just a ‘slightly darker’ cloudy morning. Blacknight’s attempt to stream the event online was described as “a washout”: the skies only cleared as the event had passed and the equipment taken down. Similarly at Trinity College, which held a viewing event […]

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Watch the Eclipse Live at Blacknight.Solar [Audio]

Those boffins at Blacknight HQ are at it again! When not tweaking servers or flogging domain names they’ve been known to gaze in wonder at the stars and, with a spectacular astronomical event in the form of a partial solar eclipse scheduled for Friday morning, they’ve decided to stream live video of the event at blacknight.solar. […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video What if the Moon was a Disco Ball - No

What if the Moon was a Disco Ball – No, Seriously! [Video]

I love this.  It’s the kind of thing scientists talk about on their lunch break.  Then they spend the rest of the afternoon working it out![youtube]http://youtu.be/w8I25H3bnNw[/youtube] OK – so this ‘up-close moon-sized mirror’ thing is cool (if a little scary), but I’d still really like to know what kind of satellite actually would create a disco-ball […]

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