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Social Media and the Super Moon Eclipse

Last night’s lunar eclipse was all over over social media feeds this morning. The eclipse coincided with the moon at perigee – its closest distance from earth, making it appear up to 14% larger in diameter. The coincidence of supermoon (perigee) and blood-red eclipse last occurred in 1982, making last night’s occurrence a spectacular event, with unusually clear […]

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Last night's supermoon, photographed by David Moore of Astronomy Ireland www.astronomy.ie

Supermoon Returns for the Last Show of 2014

The last ‘SuperMoon’ of 2014 is taking place right now. The best nights to see it are Sept 7th, 8th and 9th, with the Moon technically being closest to Ireland in the small hours of Monday Sept. 8th. Astronomy Ireland is inviting people to send in their photographs of this ‘extra-large’ Moon, and their comments and […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video What if the Moon was a Disco Ball - No

What if the Moon was a Disco Ball – No, Seriously! [Video]

I love this.  It’s the kind of thing scientists talk about on their lunch break.  Then they spend the rest of the afternoon working it out![youtube]http://youtu.be/w8I25H3bnNw[/youtube] OK – so this ‘up-close moon-sized mirror’ thing is cool (if a little scary), but I’d still really like to know what kind of satellite actually would create a disco-ball […]

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