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Obama Backs Net Neutrality

President Obama has come out with a clear message in favour of “Net Neutrality”. In a video published earlier today Obama uses similar language to other supporters of Net Neutrality and states unequivocally that he’ll be getting the FCC to assist him by making it illegal for any company to prioritise traffic or access to […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Keep The Internet Open

Keep The Internet Open

The US government produced this animated video. It’s simple and its message is one I personally support: Its release is also very timely, as the Internet Governance Forum officially kicks off tomorrow ..

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Irishman Inducted into Internet Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Dr Dennis Jennings, who is among 24 people inducted today by The Internet Society, to The Internet Hall of Fame. Dr Jennings is the first Irishman to be included in the Hall of Fame, which is an annual award recognising the contributions of people in the categories of Pioneers’ Circle, Innovators and Global Connectors. Dr Jennings is […]

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Podcast: Christian Dawson of i2Coalition

Christian Dawson is COO of ServInt, a hosting company based in Washington DC.  He’s also chairman of i2Coalition, the Internet Infrastructure Coalition, an advocacy group formed just 10 months ago. From their website: “The Internet Infrastructure Coalition supports those who build the nuts and bolts of the Internet, and we treat it like the noble […]

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Internet Activity per minute infographic

An Internet Minute

Intel released this infographic a while back about everything that happens every minute on the internet with some projections of what things will look like in a couple of years time. The statistics are staggering, especially if you’ve been around long enough to remember how primitive the entire thing was 20 years ago (or longer […]

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Pinky Brand

New TLDs, Plants And Playing Cards [Podcast #40]

This week Conn wasn’t able to do the show, so it’s my first solo gig. Thankfully I was joined on the show by a very gracious and understanding special guest – Pinky Brand. Sorry if the audio quality isn’t up to standard – I usually leave the audio stuff to Conn! Pinky has been working […]

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