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LIFX bulb

LIFX First Impressions

I mentioned the LIFX back in September 2012. It was one of those cool gadgets that crop up on KickStarter and I, like a LOT of others, was really impressed, intrigued and wowed by what we saw. The KickStarter project was a huge success and they managed to get over $1.3 million in funding when […]

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Mr Postman - You've Got Mail!

Woof – You’ve Got Mail!

Mr Postman is a solar powered, wi-fi enabled mailbox that gives you the ability to manage your mail remotely. You can lock or unlock the box depending on the delivery schedule, and it notifies you when mail has been delivered. Its inventors have launched a Kickstarter campaign and in this video they explain how it […]

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World’s Worst WiFi [Podcast #44]

Brought to you by Blacknight, it’s the technology.ie podcast with Michele and Conn.  It’s been three weeks since our last podcast – so forgive  us if this one  is a little long.  We had some catching up to do! Michele’s back from Montenegro where he attended the Eastern Europe ccTLD conference and Webfest.me and discovered the […]

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The Ultimate Geeky Lightbulb?

Over on Kickstarter at the moment there’s a very cool project which is for a new type of light bulb. To be honest it’s more than just a “bulb”, it’s more like an entire lighting system that comes in the shape / form of a light bulb. It’s got wifi, IPv6, it’s eco-friendly .. it’s […]

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Find And Buy Cool Crowdfunded Tech

Crowdfunding is a cool concept, but what happens to all those products when they become available to buy? How can you find them easily? Outgrow.me tries to solve this with its marketplace of crowdfunded products from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. You can search by “tag” or sort by availability ie. available to buy now vs. accepting pre-orders […]

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A pringles antenna for finding wide-area Wi-Fi

War Driving, SEO and Michele’s Inner Voice [Podcast #27]

This show was recorded late on Tuesday night, with Michele in a Dublin hotel room prior to taking a New York flight the next day.  We talk about the Google ‘Wi-Spy’ story.  The New York Times identified the Google engineer who wrote the software – it turns out he’s also the author of Netstumbler, a […]

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