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Ryanair Levy “Website” Fee

  Ryanair are always pushing the envelope when it comes to finding new sources of revenue.   In a recent announcement the budget airline announced they’d be introducing a 2% credit card fee, but they also went on to “slip in” a new 6 Euro “website” fee.   So, unless I’ve misread this, Ryanair want […]

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Ryanair want to charge €2.99 for their mobile app

Ryanair Want To Charge For Their Mobile App?

Ryanair have launched a mobile app for iPhone. That in itself isn’t exactly “news”. What is, however, is that the budget airline want to charge users €2.99 to download it! None of the other airlines charge for their mobile apps (why would they??), so what makes Ryanair’s app worth €2.99? Does it have extra functionality? […]

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Ryanair Takes Website Offline

When I first read this story earlier during the week I thought it was a joke, but apparently it’s not.. Ryanair is shutting down their website from tonight at 2200 until 2200 tomorrow night. Nobody will be able to book flights for a 24 hour period – the “shop” will be offline Here’s their official […]

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