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Irish Online Shoppers Use Parcel Motel to Overcome ‘UK-Only’ Delivery Restrictions

Parcel Motel, the round-the-clock delivery service for online shoppers has released research detailing the savings available to online shoppers when shopping on UK websites. The preference for shopping on UK websites was shown to be prevalent amongst online shoppers, with over 50% of Irish adults shopping regularly* online on UK websites. The reasons behind these […]

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Save 5% On O2 Billpay Phones

We write about mobile phones and gadgets here, so being able to share an offer with you makes sense 🙂 O2 Ireland are offering a 5% discount on the purchase of a phone when you sign up for a bill pay plan. Full details of the phone handsets available here – just use the coupon […]

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Realex Payments Q4 2012 figures graphic

Realex Payments Visualise Christmas Online Sales

Realex Payments have released another graphic. This time round it’s a visualisation of Q4 2012, which of course includes the Christmas ecommerce activity. It’s pretty interesting to see what the busiest times of the day are as well as the breakdown of the types of cards used along with a wealth of other information:

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The Ultimate Lazy Person’s Bed

While some people might enjoy making their bed in the morning, I suspect they’re in a minority. So if you’re a gadget freak and lazy, then this bed is for you. The Ohea smart bed will make itself without any human intervention. Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Here’s a video showing it in action: […]

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Christmas Online Could Be Bumper

The guys over at Skimlinks have produced an interesting infographic on e-commerce and the Christmas season. While the data is US biased it’s still very interesting and quite relevant if you’re selling online What do you think the results will be like this year? Will you be doing any of your shopping online?

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LG Uses “Scare” Tactics To Show Off Tech

I’m not sure if this is cool or really dumb, but it’s definitely a rather novel way to market a company’s tech products: [youtube]http://youtu.be/NeXMxuNNlE8[/youtube] LG fitted their new screens into the floor of a lift and then tricked people into thinking that the floor was collapsing .. .. What do you think? (If nothing else […]

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Fun: Custom Facebook Playing Cards

There’s a growing number of fun products available that draw their inspiration, or content, from social media. One that caught my eye this morning – personalised Facebook playing cards. You choose 54 of your current friends from Facebook and build a deck of cards using their profile pictures. I’m not sure if they’ll still be […]

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