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DeLorean Is Coming Back (Sort Of)

Remember the DeLorean? If you’re over a certain age you may recall when the DeLorean was being made in Northern Ireland. If not you’ve probably seen them in the Back to the Future movies. Either way DeLorean cars have a certain mystique about them and while there are still some “out there” that are roadworthy […]

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Solitary bee Colletes floralis © Steven Falk

Protecting the Vital Role of Bees for Environment and Agriculture [Audio]

Did you know that the pollinating work of bees and other insects is worth €53 million to agriculture in Ireland, North and South? That includes £7 million per annum for apples in Northern Ireland, and €3.9 million for oilseed rape in the Republic. Our guest on today’s podcast is Dr Úna FitzPatrick from National Biodiversity Data Centre in […]

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Barry O'Neill

“Extend Film Incentives to the Games Industry” – An Interview with Barry O’Neill [Audio]

The Irish games industry needs a package of incentives similar to that which is available to the film industry if the sector is to grow and compete with its UK counterpart. That’s according to the CEO of one of Ireland’s leading indigenous games companies. Barry O’Neill is the CEO of StoryToys and he’s our guest on today’s […]

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Irish Online Shoppers Use Parcel Motel to Overcome ‘UK-Only’ Delivery Restrictions

Parcel Motel, the round-the-clock delivery service for online shoppers has released research detailing the savings available to online shoppers when shopping on UK websites. The preference for shopping on UK websites was shown to be prevalent amongst online shoppers, with over 50% of Irish adults shopping regularly* online on UK websites. The reasons behind these […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Four Lads in a Mini, Four Days in Ireland

Four Lads in a Mini, Four Days in Ireland

It’s not California, as Michele and I discussed yesterday, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ireland is having a fantastic, sunny, showery summer. Talk to any farmer: they’re delighted with the weather. Driving through Tipperary yesterday I was struck by the greenness of grass and crops. And suntanned people are lapping it up. This video […]

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Game Of Thrones Exhibition VIP Competition

Tickets for the Game of Thrones exhibition which is being held in Belfast in June will be released on May 17th. Entry to the exhibition will be free! The exhibition is being run in partnership between HBO, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, Northern Ireland Screen and Titanic Belfast. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to […]

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