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Video thumbnail for youtube video Four Lads in a Mini, Four Days in Ireland

Four Lads in a Mini, Four Days in Ireland

It’s not California, as Michele and I discussed yesterday, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ireland is having a fantastic, sunny, showery summer. Talk to any farmer: they’re delighted with the weather. Driving through Tipperary yesterday I was struck by the greenness of grass and crops. And suntanned people are lapping it up. This video […]

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Alan O'Reilly, Blacknight support manager and amateur meteorologist

Weathering the Storm in Carlow [Audio]

On Wednesday of last week, 12 February, a ferocious storm tore across Ireland, felling trees, damaging buildings and leaving 200,000 people without power.  Backup systems kicked in seamlessly in the Blacknight data centre, so staff had no cause for concern. But one Blacknight employee had an extra interest in what was going on outside. Alan […]

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