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Datacentre Pr0n [Podcast #63]

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Brought to you by Blacknight it’s the podcast episode 63 for May 30 2013 with Michele Neylon and Conn O Muineachain

Michele’s back from the Shift Conference in Split, Croatia, where he gave a talk on domains.

Daft Punk break records on Spotify.  Rijksmuseum shares high resolution images of its catalogue.  Yahoo buys Tumblr and gives Flickr a boost!  Tax situation of Apple’s Irish subsidiaries criticised in US Senate investigation.

Facebook launch verified pages/accounts.  What are the notes in the Facebook Ping?

Chip and Pin device that hooks up to mobiles for a one-off fee instead of monthly payments.

Drones deliver beer.  Drones deliver tacos.  Drones deliver burritos.  Drones deliver … you get it.

Liberty Reserve shut down for alleged money laundering. is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.

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