He's looking at you!

Kevin Spacey Website Looks into your Soul!

He's looking at you!

It’s become Kevin Spacey’s iconic role, and that’s saying something for the star of The Usual Suspects and American Beauty. In the process House of Cards has broken new ground for Netflix, and for us the audience: a wildly popular TV show that’s not even on TV.

And as America is caught up in election fever, life imitates art as the fictional Frank Underwood seeks re-election to the White House. Just like the candidates in the real-life primaries, he’s got a website. And just like Frank does on the TV show, it breaks the fourth wall and looks into your soul!

At least that’s what it feels like when you pass your mouse pointer over Spacey’s face on FU2016.com, and his eyes lock with yours. The creep-factor is intense. Imagine if we could be privy to the revealing soliloquies of real-life politicians? Would Trump sneer his contempt for his simple supporters? Would Hilary reveal her feelings about Bill’s past sins? Would Mícheál remember where austerity came from? Would Enda … well … actually … what would he do?

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