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Robot ‘taught to laugh at jokes’

A robot has been taught to laugh at jokes in a bid to make it more human. Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan are using artificial intelligence (AI) to train robots about appropriate laughter – and to differentiate between chuckles and rip-roaring squeals. Writing in the journal Frontiers in Robotics and AI, they describe working […]

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Scredible Uses Irish AI Research to Help You Be Socially Credible [Audio]

We reported on Scredible when it launched at Web Summit. It’s a single point, AI-driven solution that helps professionals build and sustain a trusted, socially credible brand. Scredible monitors trending online content, news, and connections of value. That information is then organised and ranked based on a subscriber’s profile and goals, before users are advised on what, when […]

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Scredible iPad app

Scredible Uses AI to Help Users Build Socially Credible Brands Quickly

A new app launched today at Web Summit promises to apply Artificial Intelligence to the problem of building a successful social media presence for brands. The possibilities of social media to engage with key audiences are endless. But so, frustratingly, is the time it takes to build and execute a successful online social presence. Researching the hot […]

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In love with an AI

“I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love you” says Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Her’, the new film from Spike Jonze. “Me too”, replies his Operating System. Some of us already feel quite a strong affinity for the technology that supports and aids us in our daily lives.  As that technology improves in its ability […]

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