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Scredible Uses Irish AI Research to Help You Be Socially Credible [Audio]

We reported on Scredible when it launched at Web Summit. It’s a single point, AI-driven solution that helps professionals build and sustain a trusted, socially credible brand. Scredible monitors trending online content, news, and connections of value. That information is then organised and ranked based on a subscriber’s profile and goals, before users are advised on what, when […]

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Scredible iPad app

Scredible Uses AI to Help Users Build Socially Credible Brands Quickly

A new app launched today at Web Summit promises to apply Artificial Intelligence to the problem of building a successful social media presence for brands. The possibilities of social media to engage with key audiences are endless. But so, frustratingly, is the time it takes to build and execute a successful online social presence. Researching the hot […]

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Domhnall Gleeson Stars in Ex_Machina

Domhnall Gleeson is set to play the lead role in the upcoming sci-fi movie Ex_Machina. What’s the movie about? Artificial intelligence, which isn’t exactly a new topic for Hollywood, but one that has been getting an increasing amount of attention over the last few years (just look at some of the big releases over the […]

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Google AI Figures Things Out For Itself

Google’s image recognition “deep learning” systems have evolved to the point where the engineers working on them no longer understand how they are “thinking”. At the Machine Learning Conference in San Francisco last week, Google Engineer Quoc V Le revealed that the company’s image recognition cluster has learned how to identify items which the programmers don’t […]

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