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Surreal Giraffe Diving Video Is Weird and Wonderful [Video]

Giraffes are graceful, if slightly ridiculous creatures, loping across the savanna with their extraordinarily long limbs and necks. They can certainly make you think, about Darwinian evolution, and the relationship between an organism and their ecosystem. But it takes an extraordinary imagination to conceive of giraffes in the way Nicolas Deveaux has done: in a surreal and unlikely spectacle […]

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What if Man of Steel Was in Colour? [Video]

The success of dark-themed and dark-toned Batman films had an influence on the last Superman movie, it appears. Just how much of an influence becomes obvious when you see Man of Steel corrected to give it a brighter look. It would appear that the darker look was a decision taken in post-production, as the brightened images seem to correspond […]

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Superbowl Ad for new Jurassic World Movie [Video]

A life-or-death struggle with genetically engineered dinosaurs? No, it’s not the Superbowl – just the commercials. [youtube]http://youtu.be/4mvWuky1g0g[/youtube]   Related articles Amazon Enters the Feature Films Business Defy Media Chooses Sci-Fi Thriller As Winner Of ‘Prototype’ Contest Why you should plan to see ‘Jupiter Ascending’ 2015 Honesty Oscars: Help pick our nominees! Interstellar is Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD Translator […]

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Got a ‘Very Particular Set of Skills’? Liam Neeson Could Endorse You on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about individuals promoting their ‘very particular set of skills’ and having others endorse them. So some of their marketing executives spotted an opprtunity to tie in with the new ‘Taken 3’ movie starring Liam Neeson.   The video features Irish actor Liam Neeson, in character as Bryan Mills, hero of the Taken series […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Get Paid to Watch Netflix - No, Seriously!

Get Paid to Watch Netflix – No, Seriously!

So you like watching Netflix? TV shows, documentaries, movies – you can lose hours in there, I know! But what if you could get paid for it as well? No, I’m not kidding! It turns out that Netflix employ actual humans as taggers. Their job is to watch Netflix content, and then generate tags to help describe and categorise the […]

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