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House of Cards

Dream Big and Fast [Podcast #56]

Michele & Conn reunite for a Valentine’s day podcast!  On the agenda: Google celebrates George Ferris.  And the Star Wars traceroute! We’ve missed a few shows, so there’s a lot to catch up on: Social WiFi by Karma; About.me buys itself back from AOL; Mega is launched. Vine gets a mention too … remember that?  It was […]

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High Street Retailers Feeling the Pinch

It’s been a pretty bad week for high street retailers. Earlier this evening it was announced that  HMV Ireland has been put into receivership only a couple of days after the company was put into administration. Also today Blockbuster in the UK announced that they have gone into administration. The company has over 500 stores […]

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Amazon Inks Deal With EPIX For Online Video

From the “not available in Europe” department .. Amazon have announced a deal with EPIX that will allow them to add even more new releases to their Amazon Prime Instant Video selection. So if you’re in the US you’ll be able to get all sorts of “shiny” streamed to you almost instantly including new releases […]

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Netflix Hits 1 Million Users in UK & Ireland

Netflix has announced plans to launch its service in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) in Q4 of 2012. The company announced yesterday that it had signed up over 1 million subscribers in the UK and Ireland since launching back in January. Netflix has over 30 million subscribers worldwide.     Related articles Netflix to […]

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Crystal Peterson from CoInternet

Short & Sweet [Podcast #38]

OK so we know that .CO is pitching itself as the “cool” TLD, but there may be more to it than spin if Crystal Peterson is anyone to judge by. Crystal Peterson is cool.  She’s a natural  podcaster and could have a career in media if she ever gets tired of the domain industry.  Right […]

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Netflix Traffic Down 25% In US – Blames Olympics

While Netflix might be available in several countries, including Ireland, the biggest and most important market for the company remains the USA. So when reports came out that the service’s traffic was down 25% some analysts might get a bit worried. Netflix, however, are blaming the dip in traffic on the Olympics. Subscription based video […]

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AppleTV with Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus Comes To Apple TV

While this is not going to be officially available to Irish Apple TV users anytime soon, it’s still interesting news. Hulu Plus is now available to 2nd generation (black) Apple TV users with iTunes US accounts. The extra icon “magically” appeared in an update in the last couple of days. What’s interesting is that you […]

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Tech Heroes: Conor O’Neill

I’ve been trying to get Conor O’Neill on the show for a while.  He’s a great blogger and entrepreneur and a cheerleader for Irish Tech. But what I really wanted to talk to him about was ‘home entertainment hacking’!  Then Netflix launched in Ireland and I sent him a ping. Luckily he was free to […]

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No Recession in Imagination [Podcast #13]

The title of this week’s podcast is a translation of a phrase Michele tweeted earlier this week:  “Níl aon chúlú sa tsamhlaíocht” – there’s no recession in imagination!  Michele found it in his email in a newsletter from Kila – the band who’s music you hear at the start of each episode of the podcast. […]

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