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Google is Cool, Yahoo is Not [Podcast #37]

This week we (ok – I) managed to lose a third of the podcast due to a power failure (ok – an idiot who forgot to plug in the laptop).  Yet it still weighs in at an hour! That’s because Michele and I were joined by someone every bit as talkative as ourselves.  Krystian Kozerawski, […]

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Google+ API Opens Up

One of the issues for business users of Google’s social network, Google+, was the lack of support for 3rd party software tools and services to help business (and users) manage their updates. Within the last couple of days Google has announced that their API for Google+ is being opened up: More third party tools to […]

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Minister for the Internet [Podcast #32]

Michele’s in Arizona, at a meeting of domain registrars, discussing policy, including the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.  It’s always a struggle to podcast over hotel WiFi but this time we decided it was hopeless. I kept the Skype connection on the studio end, and used Skype-Out to phone Michele’s hotel room. We recorded yesterday on World […]

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The Google Stone [Podcast #31]

Our guest this week is Gavin Hanley, an advertising strategist with Google in Ireland.  Michele has loads of questions for him about Google Adwords, questions which, he points out, he regularly hears from his customers.  Gavin shares his insights into how advertisers can get the best out of Google ads. Michele is worried about some […]

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Barry Shein (headshot)

Thanks, Al Gore [Podcast #30]

This week’s guest is Barry Shein, President of The World, the first company to offer Internet access to the general public, when it started in 1989.  Today some people consider Internet access to be a human right, but back then it was very different.  Barry still has the email he received from the US National […]

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A pringles antenna for finding wide-area Wi-Fi

War Driving, SEO and Michele’s Inner Voice [Podcast #27]

This show was recorded late on Tuesday night, with Michele in a Dublin hotel room prior to taking a New York flight the next day.  We talk about the Google ‘Wi-Spy’ story.  The New York Times identified the Google engineer who wrote the software – it turns out he’s also the author of Netstumbler, a […]

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Googling for "askew"

Google Easter Eggs

Google may be a big company with a huge turnover and thousands of staff worldwide, but the company still has a sense of humour. From time to time they insert little “Easter eggs” into the search engine or do something quite playful. Remember the 1980’s style low resolutions graphics on Google Maps a couple of […]

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Patrick Ruddell - Founder & Editor in Chief of ScienceFiction.com

Cooking with Patrick [Podcast #26]

This week’s guest is Patrick Ruddell, a domainer, and the owner of sciencefiction.com.  With a background in real estate, he became interested in domains as an investment career when the property slowdown hit in the US.  But he’s quick to point out that the real-estate analogy for web domains is over-used and not very accurate. […]

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google doodle for Spectrum and St George's day

ZX Spectrum Released 30 Years Ago Today

Conn and I are old enough to remember the ZX Spectrum, so Google’s “doodle” on Google UK this morning both brings back memories for me and makes me feel a little old 🙂 I remember picking up a secondhand ZX Spectrum 48k a couple of years after their initial release. It was a wonderful machine, […]

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