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Irish Neutral Exchange Joins Twitter And Reveals Data

INEX, the Irish Internet Exchange, where Irish ISPs and content providers “peer” has joined Twitter. While an organisation’s presence on the social media network is hardly newsworthy in itself, the information that they *might* share with Irish internet users is potentially “geektastic” For example: Quietly, while no one was looking, we peered over 45Gbps of […]

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Irish Web Awards Long Nominee List Out

The “long” list of nominees for the 2012 Irish Web Awards has been published The list will probably shrink a small bit as the judging commences, as some of the sites will be disqualified for a number of reasons. You can check the list here. Related articles Irish Internet Awards Showdown? (technology.ie) Irish Web Awards […]

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Campus Party Logo

Young Irish social entrepreneurs heading to Campus Party

The largest technical festival in Europe kicks off in Berlin tomorrow. Campus Party will run from 21st to 26th August at the former Templehof airport in Berlin. It offers more than 600 hours of talks, discussions and workshops covering topics such as free software, entrepreneurship, social media, gaming, development, robotics and design. It brings together […]

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Martha Rotter and Stewart Curry from Idea Magazine [Tech Heroes Podcast #2]

Idea Magazine is the freshest thing in Irish publishing, serving the tech and startup community in Ireland and lovingly designed for your tablet, phone or PC by the team at woop.ie (Write Only Once; Publish It Everywhere!) Martha Rotter and Stewart Curry join Michele and Conn for this week’s Tech Heroes chat, to discuss Developer Evangelism, […]

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Big Thanks To Kíla

When Conn and I were working on putting the podcast show together one of the things we spent quite a bit of time talking about was music. What music could we use for the intro? We needed a tune that would be the show’s “signature”. After some discussion we settled on using a track from […]

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