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Twitter Is Filing For An IPO

Twitter is filing for an IPO https://twitter.com/twitter/status/378261932148416512 You can expect the tech’ news sites to explode with this one over the next few hours! You can also expect to see lots of people drawing parallels between Facebook’s IPO and Twitter’s. Expect to see plenty of analysis over the next few days. Expect to see predictions […]

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Facebook To Monetise Mobile

One of the issues that Facebook has been grappling with is two fold. On the one hand their mobile traffic has been growing, in line with many popular sites. But while the traffic on mobile devices and overall mobile usage might be on the increase the social network has been having issues turning that usage […]

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Keyboard Warriors [Podcast #16]

Normally Conn does the write ups and puts the podcasts live, but this week I’m the one doing it, so here we go… This week Conn and I recorded the show in the evening, since both of us have been very busy. We picked up on the conversation we had been having a couple of […]

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