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Generating Positive Friction: A Podcast with Jothan Frakes of Namescon [Audio]

Jothan Frakes joins Blacknight’s Michele Neylon and Conn Ó Muíneacháin on today’s podcast to talk about NamesCon, the domain names conference in Las Vegas from January 11 to 14. Click on the player above to listen to the show, or download it here: 36:39; 22MB; MP3. A veteran of the domains industry, Jothan is co-organiser of Namescon, now in […]

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Basque Domain .eus

Are Domain Names the new Flags and Emblems?

There’s been some interesting talk lately about national and cultural domain extensions. Scotland may have rejected independence in yesterday’s referendum, but for those who’d rather not use a .UK domain name, .SCOT opens for general availability on Tuesday next. For the Welsh there’s .CYMRU and .WALES, .GAL (Galicia) will have general availability in November, and .CAT is already well […]

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Andy Churley. CMO, Famous Four Media

New gTLD Business is a Long Play – Andy Churley of Famous Four Media [Audio]

“It costs an absolute minimum of 100,000 dollars to run a registry for a year, with almost zero registrations” says Andy Churley on today’s podcast. (Download: 32:35; 19MB; MP3, or click the player above). Ultimately, new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) will need to reach a “critical mass” of perhaps 50,000 to 100,000 registrations if they are to survive. […]

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What the hell is the root zone?

We’ve interviewed several of the key players in new TLDs over the last couple of years, as well as talking quite a bit about domain names and the DNS. But what exactly is the “root zone”? What are “root servers”? Why do they matter? Why does anyone care? With so much talk about IANA and […]

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Interview with Ray King of .INK and .WIKI [Audio]

New generic Top Level Domains are now available in Ireland, and .INK and .WIKI are among the first being offered by Blacknight. Both TLDs are owned by Top Level Design LLC based in Portland, Oregon, and their CEO Ray King joins Conn and Michele on today’s 4th of July Podcast (31:13; 18MB; MP3). Ray’s company applied for 10 new […]

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A dotHIV Domain Name is the Digital Red Ribbon

“The combined power of the world’s internet users is enough to beat HIV” That’s the claim of dotHIV, the charity running the first Top Level Domain to serve a social cause. Yesterday we published a 15 minute audio interview with Carolin Silbernagl who is coordinating the project, but if you want the quick version, try […]

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dotHIV combines Online Marketing and Corporate Philanthropy in an Innovative Way [Audio]

Today’s podcast (16:34; 9MB; MP3) is an interview with Carolin Silbernagl, project coordinator of the dotHIV Top Level Domain project. “Dot-HIV is the first and the only TLD that is designed to serve a social cause”, she says. That certainly makes it unique, and it could also be the key to its success as a new and innovative way […]

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ICANN’s Dave Piscitello talks about Name Collisions [Audio]

In today’s podcast (31:52, 19MB, MP3), Conn is joined by Dave Piscitello, Vice President of Security and ICT coordination at ICANN. We talked a bit about new TLDs on yesterday’s show: about 1400 new generic Top Level Domains will be introduced as part of the current ICANN programme.  This is good – but it could pose […]

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Hammer & Tongs [Audio]

Brought to you by Blacknight – it’s the technology.ie podcast with Michele and Conn. Blacknight has got the builders in!  The development of our new datacentre has provided an opportunity to re-model the offices as well.  A high-street business would probably put a sign up saying “please excuse our appearance”, but for us, all you’ll […]

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