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Citizen-Led Social Entrepreneurship: An In-Depth Interview with Lisa Maree Domican [Video]

“If you want to find out if your arse looks big in something, ask an autistic person”, says Lisa Maree Domican, explaining that autistic people have a lot to offer in a society which is open to diversity. “We build ramps and we widen parking spaces and doors to allow people who are physically disabled to be included […]

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TEDx: Lisa Maree Domican on Allowing for Autism [Video]

Lisa Maree Domican is a social entrepreneur, creator of the Grace App, which was inspired by her experience of raising two children with autism. Although she has a strong business background, Lisa admits she knew little about technology until she saw an ad for the newly launched iPhone and realised it could be a platform to help her daughter to communicate. Last year […]

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Datahug and Teamwork.com Founders confirmed for WASUP14 [Audio]

Wild Atlantic Startups, or WASUP, is the name of an event to be held at the University of Limerick on 9 May.  It’s described as “a no-nonsense platform enabling entrepreneurs advance their knowledge, and startups hone their skills” and it’s aimed in particular at regional entrepreneurs. WASUP14 is organised by Shane McCarthy of BlueChief and he joins Conn on […]

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