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Cool Animation Tells the Story of the Space Station [Video]

Just published by TED-Ed, this animated video tells the story of the International Space Station. [youtube]https://youtu.be/bJ3oTTm_Pdo[/youtube]   TED-Ed: The International Space Station is roughly the size of a six-bedroom house and weighs more than 320 cars — it’s so large that no single rocket could have lifted it into orbit. Instead, it was assembled piece […]

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TEDx: Lisa Maree Domican on Allowing for Autism [Video]

Lisa Maree Domican is a social entrepreneur, creator of the Grace App, which was inspired by her experience of raising two children with autism. Although she has a strong business background, Lisa admits she knew little about technology until she saw an ad for the newly launched iPhone and realised it could be a platform to help her daughter to communicate. Last year […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video World Wide Web Explained

World Wide Web Explained

For many people there is very little difference between “world wide web” and “internet”. The terms are used interchangeably by many, but there are distinct differences. This animated video from Ted-Ed gives a really good explanation of what the web is:

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TEDx CorkWomen is Launched

TEDxCorkWomen was launched last night at Electric on South Mall in Cork.  Technology.ie was there, and spoke to Deirdre O’Shaughnessy, editor of Cork Independent, who will MC the event on December 6.  We were joined by Joan Walsh of Partnership Europe, one of the sponsors of TEDxCorkWomen. [youtube]http://youtu.be/BRwFG9zNttw[/youtube] Tickets for TEDxCorkWomen are limited to just […]

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Video: Social Media Gurus Explained

The guys at The Onion come up with some very amusing and incisive videos. Their recent one on social media gurus is particularly biting – I suspect some marketing / media types are probably laughing nervously at this.. Or maybe they’re so wrapped up in themselves that they don’t realise the truth? Enjoy! [youtube]http://youtu.be/CK62I-4cuSY[/youtube] Related […]

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