The new sign goes up at Blacknight HQ

The Purge [Audio]

The new sign goes up at Blacknight HQ

Michele and Conn get together at Blacknight HQ for a podcast (32:18; 19MB, MP3) as the final preparations are put in place for the launch of the new datacentre next Monday!

We talk about Naoki Hiroshima and the hackers who stole his $50,000 twitter name.  Congratulations to Stripe and to Intercom on their recent investments and congratulations to Tito for their bootstrapped awesomeness!

Conn reports on the ITLG Silicon  Valley Global Forum held this week in Limerick, and talks about the Mathletes Challenge launched by investor Sean O’Sullivan.

Finally, Michele explains why European domain registrars shouldn’t have to  get ICANN’s permission to comply with EU law. is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains and hosting.

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