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US Internet Industry Group Takes a Stand on Irish Data Protection

i2Coalition, the DC-based Internet Infrastructure Coalition, has signed on to an amicus brief arguing that the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York failed to properly analyze the extraterritorial application of the Stored Communications Act, in the case where it ordered Microsoft to hand over emails stored on a server in Ireland. In a legal […]

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Graduates Hilary Cotter and Sarah Gavra Boland are pictured with self-defined collaborative catalyst and explorer Mark Pollock at the graduation ceremony for Enable Ireland’s Assistive Technology training programme in Microsoft Ireland’s campus in Sandyford. In addition to hosting the graduation ceremony, Microsoft also gave Enable Ireland a software donation worth €1.3 million. Photo Credit: Maxwells, Dublin

Microsoft Donates €1.3 Million of Software to Enable Ireland

Microsoft Ireland’s campus in Sandyford played host to a graduation ceremony for Enable Ireland’s Assistive Technology training programme. The Foundations in Assistive Technology programme, which is accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology, is designed to meet the needs of adults with disabilities as well as their families and carers. It also targets employers, educators, Enable […]

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Microsoft Ireland is Hiring 100 New Graduates and Interns

Microsoft Ireland today announced that it is seeking to recruit 100 top graduates for a broad range of graduate and internship positions within Microsoft’s operations in Ireland. Roles will include programme manager positions, sales opportunities, HR, legal functions as well as finance and marketing positions. On the technical side there will be opportunities for candidates […]

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Jonathan Zuck, President, ACT - the App Association

Apps, Families and Data Stored Abroad – a Podcast with Jonathan Zuck [Audio]

Kids have needs and parents have questions, and it’s not always easy to find answers to those questions in conventional app stores and marketplaces. That’s why a group of parents got together to set up MomsWithApps.com, which began with a handful of parents and developers, but is now supported by ACT – the App Association, a […]

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Promiscuous Mode [Audio]

Conn and Michele recorded a podcast (37:19; 34MB; MP3) in Michele’s office at Blacknight HQ this afternoon. We discuss the Russian Blogging Crackdown and the recent US court ruling that Microsoft must hand over data on a server located in Ireland. Last week, Michele broke the news that ICANN’s 54th public meeting will be held in Dublin next […]

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Windows Phone Ad pits Cortana vs Siri

Cortana is Windows Phone’s natural language virtual assistant – the counterpart to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Microsoft have just released an ad demonstrating Cortana on a Nokia Lumia 635 in action against Siri on an iPhone 5S. Of course, any ad will select the scenario which best showcases its product, but Microsoft’s message is clear: they’re proud […]

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