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Ryanair Pledges to be More Sociable

Ryanair’s AGM is on today and media are reporting that some shareholders are expressing criticism of the airline’s customer service and “macho culture”.  The company’s executives appear to agree that improvements can be made and, having been dismissive of social media in the past, they’ve identified it as a priority for the months ahead.  The […]

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Ryanair Levy “Website” Fee

  Ryanair are always pushing the envelope when it comes to finding new sources of revenue.   In a recent announcement the budget airline announced they’d be introducing a 2% credit card fee, but they also went on to “slip in” a new 6 Euro “website” fee.   So, unless I’ve misread this, Ryanair want […]

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Ryanair want to charge €2.99 for their mobile app

Ryanair Want To Charge For Their Mobile App?

Ryanair have launched a mobile app for iPhone. That in itself isn’t exactly “news”. What is, however, is that the budget airline want to charge users €2.99 to download it! None of the other airlines charge for their mobile apps (why would they??), so what makes Ryanair’s app worth €2.99? Does it have extra functionality? […]

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Ryanair Takes Website Offline

When I first read this story earlier during the week I thought it was a joke, but apparently it’s not.. Ryanair is shutting down their website from tonight at 2200 until 2200 tomorrow night. Nobody will be able to book flights for a 24 hour period – the “shop” will be offline Here’s their official […]

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