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Pharmaceutical Factory - Quality Control

New IP Bill will Enhance Legal Protection for Generic Drug Development

The Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2014, which is published today, will enhance the immunity from patent infringement for companies involved in testing generic versions of drugs while the original drugs continue to enjoy patent protection. A case in 1984 in the United States resulted in legislation allowing for the Bolar Exemption, which allows companies to use patent-protected drugs in tests to develop […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Happy Birthday Youtube!

Happy Birthday Youtube!

The first ever video uploaded to Youtube was a short video taken at San Diego zoo and uploaded to the site on April 23rd 2005. It’s not very long, it’s not very exciting, but often historical things aren’t “exciting”. 9 years later and it’s hard to imagine an internet without YouTube! So here it is: The […]

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Blogging Like You've Never Seen It

Blogging Like You’ve Never Seen It

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. I know a lot of bloggers. But apparently I’ve been deceived. An upcoming film with the rather grandiose title of “American Blogger” will put the record straight! Here’s the trailer: If you want to see the rest of the film you’ll have to wait until June .. .. […]

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The Biggest Crime Spree in US History [Podcast]

Our guest on today’s podcast (33:05; 19MB; MP3) is Neal O’Farrell, an internationally recognised expert in fraud and personal security, who has spent over 30 years working on security issues in Ireland, the UK and now in the US, where is the founder and Executive Director of The Identity Theft Council, an organisation which … … […]

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collision conf logo

Collision Conf Sells Out

We mentioned Collision Conf back in January. At the time we didn’t have a lot of information about the event, though we knew who was behind it. Over the past few weeks Paddy Cosgrave and his team have announced speakers and other details. They were also running a “2 for 1” deal on tickets, with […]

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Reporters without borders

How Free Is Our Media?

Freedom of the press is an important metric. And while Irish media have been discussing how much freedom there is versus the risk of legal issues, the overall ranking of Ireland’s media isn’t that bad. The ranking is based on the latest “World Press Freedom” index published by Reporters Without Borders. We’re “white”, which is […]

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Ireland in Top 10 for Internet Speed

Ireland ranks 10th in the world for average internet connection speed according to the latest research by content delivery company Akamai.   Akamai have published their State of the Internet Report for Q3 2013.  With an average connection speed of 9.6 Mbps, Ireland ranks 10th globally, and 5th in EMEA, behind the Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic […]

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collision conf logo

Web Summit Expands To US With Collision Conf

The team behind Web Summit is expanding into the US. While details on the new conference “Collision Conf” are scant, we do know that Paddy Cosgrave and his team are organising a fairly ambitious conference in the US later this year. They’ve chosen Las Vegas to be the venue, which makes a lot of sense […]

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Will Snowden Be Time’s Person of the Year?

Time will announce their “person of the year” later this week Earlier today they announced the ten people who made it on to the final list: Bashar Assad, President of Syria Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder Ted Cruz, Texas Senator Miley Cyrus, Singer Pope Francis, Leader of the Catholic Church Barack Obama, President of the United […]

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