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Google Nuked 350 Million Ads in 2013

Google is essentially an advertising company. Advertising revenue drives most of the company’s activities, but its policies around advertisers has led to them getting into “hot water” in the past. Why? Because “bad actors” try to abuse Google Adwords to promote counterfeit goods, scams and a range of other illegal or misleading activities. As part […]

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Twitter says: Oops! You’re not an Advertiser – Do You Want To Be?

It’s the social media equivalent of bumping into someone as a pretext to asking them on a date.  (Does anyone actually do that?  In movies maybe? OK, forget it.) Yesterday Twitter sent emails to several (not all) Twitter users inviting them to try Twitter’s advertising platform which has been extended to all “small and medium […]

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Welcome screen of Twitter's self-service advertising platform

Exploring Twitter’s Native Analytics

When Twitter started “wrapping” all hyperlinks using the t.co URL shortener they emphasised that the service would help the platform’s security. But, as they admitted, it was also going to give them access to metrics on how users’ interact with tweets. You can now access a lot of this data for your account via Twitter […]

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Guiness Release New Ad Via Facebook

Guinness have chosen to release their new TV advert via Facebook Though since the ad *is* on their YouTube channel I’m not sure who they’re kidding into believing it’s an “exclusive” .. The new ad is probably more subtle than most : [youtube]http://youtu.be/URxLYupra5s[/youtube]

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Facebook To Monetise Mobile

One of the issues that Facebook has been grappling with is two fold. On the one hand their mobile traffic has been growing, in line with many popular sites. But while the traffic on mobile devices and overall mobile usage might be on the increase the social network has been having issues turning that usage […]

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UK Advertising Watchdog Bans Twitter Ad Campaign

The UK’s advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), has banned a twitter campaign from Nike. The complaint centred around tweets from footballers Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere. The ASA understood that, as part of their sponsorship deal with Nike, the footballers were required to take part in marketing activities and that both were asked […]

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