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Eggs and embryos are frozen using liquid Nitrogen

Facebook, Apple Freeze Employee Eggs For Free

Facebook and Apple are offering an extraordinary perk to female employees: they will pay to freeze and store the women’s eggs to assist with family planning. One in six couples experience fertility issues at some point in their lives, and the factors are about evenly split between male and female. However, one factor affecting women is […]

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#Budget15: Goodbye Double Irish – Hello Knowledge Box

#457199556 / gettyimages.com The controversial ‘Double Irish’ tax loophole was abolished in yesterday’s budget speech by the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan. The move had been widely expected following increasing international pressure, and the announcement by the EU that it was to investigate Apple’s tax affairs in Ireland on the grounds that it could be viewed as ‘state […]

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Apple Most Phished Brand Says APWG

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has released their Global Phishing Survey for the first 6 months of 2014 (PDF). According to their research Apple is the most phished brand on the ‘net: Apple’s brand and associated marques, such as iTunes and iPad, eclipsed perennial phishing target favorite PayPal with the computing device manufacturer enduring 21,951 of […]

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IKEA parodies Apple with a ‘Holmes-Ginsbook Device’

Here’s a funny video from IKEA, introducing “a device so simple and intuitive, using it feels almost familiar”. The “device”? The IKEA catalogue. It comes with no cables and “eternal” battery life. The navigation is based on “tactile touch technology”- and there’s no lag. “Each crystal-clear page loads instantaneously, no matter how fast you scroll”. Isaac […]

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Windows Phone Ad pits Cortana vs Siri

Cortana is Windows Phone’s natural language virtual assistant – the counterpart to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Microsoft have just released an ad demonstrating Cortana on a Nokia Lumia 635 in action against Siri on an iPhone 5S. Of course, any ad will select the scenario which best showcases its product, but Microsoft’s message is clear: they’re proud […]

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LocalSocial is a Beacon for Proximity Technology in Ireland [Video]

They’ve gone “gangbusters” in the US for proximity technology such as Apple’s iBeacon, says Sean O’Sullivan of LocalSocial. In Europe, we’re beginning to see deployments in just the last few weeks. One of those deployments is LocalSocial’s app for Savill’s Real Estate: Savill’s on Show. It’s designed for use in show-houses: users can install and run the […]

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