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The Biggest Irish Brands on Facebook

Here’s a fascinating way to lose a morning, and if your business is digital marketing it could be time well spent.  Social Bakers track brands across different markets on Facebook and generate a range of monthly reports which give a real insight into how brands and their social media marketing efforts are received in different […]

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beginners guide to content marketing

Content Marketing Explained

Content marketing isn’t new, but it’s become a lot more popular in the last couple of years. So what on earth is it? How do people do it? Why do they do it? Is it better than other types of marketing? This graphic explains a lot of this and more: Do you do content marketing? […]

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Infacta Launch OSX Email Marketing Software

Infacta, who are based in Sligo, have been producing email marketing software for Windows for several years. They recently announced Hoolie, which brings their solution to OSX for the first time. Judging by the information on the site and the screenshots it looks like it covers all the bases, though the list management options appear […]

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Apple Store Offline

The Apple online store is currently offline. With Apple due to make an announcement later today this is to be expected, though you’d have to wonder if any other company could take their shop offline and get away with it .. In the case of Apple taking it offline means people will come back later […]

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Crystal Peterson from CoInternet

Questions For Crystal From DotCo?

This week we’ll be joined by Crystal Peterson from the .co registry. Crystal is .co’s Director of Channel Marketing and spends most of her time on the road bringing the .co message to internet and startup events across the globe. Prior to joining CoInternet Crystal was with .org and before that she worked with .mobi. […]

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Domino's Pizza logo

Dominos Get Clever With Audio

Dominos pizzas in the Netherlands have come up with an interesting way to help their delivery bike riders keep safe and also promote their brand. [youtube]http://youtu.be/n17B_uFF4cA[/youtube] The word “lekker” means “tasty” or “nice” Related articles Domino’s Solution for Soundless Electric Scooters Is Rather Brilliant [VIDEO](mashable.com) Domino’s Pizza Safe Sound, A Human-Made Engine Noise Installed on […]

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